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Friday, 22 January 2016

Romantic Places to Kiss a Girl on Happy Kiss Day 2017

Romantic Places to Kiss a Girl on Happy Kiss Day 2017 :- Woman are s*xy and truly wonderful beings on earth. If you are searching  Where to kiss her/him or ideas to kiss her or him on this kiss day 2017 use the kiss day 2017 ideas for him,,bf,girlfriend,boyfriend ideas. I adore them all and I am always fascinated by their individualism. Not all women are the same to me, but I feel they all deserve some of the same joys of life  A kiss is beautiful and very sensual thing for a woman and in some minds the greatest. Give your girlfriend kiss on in the most provocative way which are being shared by me below as follow:-

Romantic Places to Kiss a Girl on Happy Kiss Day 2017

Ice Kiss
If you've mastered the Candy Kiss, try passing a small piece of ice between your mouths. You'll be worked up - and melting that ice - in no time.

Hands: Yet very formal in greeting, the hands of a woman in a sensitive and delicate place. A real gentleman knows the just the right touch and kiss to please a woman to tickle of fancy of interest.

Kiss on the Hand
Go old school with a classy kiss upon your partner's hand. Take their hand in yours, look deeply into their eyes and plant on one them. You can even change it up by kissing their palm instead.

Lips: As for some is the prize of it all, whether it’s a soft touch, or variation of styles of kissing, the lips mecca to a woman’s body. It’s the gateway to her emotions, her thoughts, her fantasies in which she will hold you in, until the next time your lips meet. A woman values a good kisser, so start practicing and create art with kissing, for it a tool of true love making.

Sliding Kiss
After exposing your partner's feet, ankles, legs, stomach, and neck, ask them to lie down. Gently kiss their foot then slide your lips up to their ankle, knee, thigh and stomach, gradually working your way up towards their neck. Make sure to slide your lips across their skin between kisses.

Forehead: Though its a very innocent place to lay your lips, a kiss on the forehead usually signify that you care a lot for someone. So if you are trying to be more polite and want to get a calm relations of love between a woman, the forehead is the spot to go for. (Just don’t go kissing her on her forehead everyday though, it’s like a once in a while intimate motion.)

Suck gently but firmly on your partner's skin until it's turned red. You're going to leave a mark that will take a day or two to go away so make sure you pick an unobtrusive spot that can be easily covered up.

Belly/Belly Button: When in the zone of foreplay or intense emotions in time, the belly and bellybutton is an on tapped location of sensitive and emotions. It’s place in which you can drive a woman wild. It’s a place of exploration, in which many tend to use items of sweet substance to entice sexual pleasure. You can even smooth it down a notch, in which when you lay together to watch a movie or the woman has a baby on the way, it’s a very sensual and positive location to start at.  

From Behind Kiss
Take hold of your date from behind and when they turn their head around, greet then with a kiss.

Inner Thigh/Legs/X-Rated Area: This is the oh my God spot if done correctly. It’s where the tongue can linger, the heat is turned on, the passion and sexually desire starts to explode and minds get driven wild. So if you are trying to make a stamp and impression of cosmic pleasure, you have your work count out for you in this area of love and fantasy. What do here can leave you fruitful relationship (among other things you should do) but, it’s the wonderland of exploration.

Slow Motion Kiss
Slow things down by kissing your date at half your usual speed. Relax and enjoy the moment.

Opposite Kiss
Studies have shown that nearly three quarters of us turns our heads to the right when we kiss. If you and your partner fall into this category, change it up and this time and tilt to the left.

Downward Kiss
Starting at your partner's ear, kiss them down along their jaw line to their neck or collarbone.

Tickle Kiss
Start by giving your partner a Classic Kiss but then tickle their ribs, stomach or underarms. See how long you can continue kissing while you're both laughing.

Heart/Soul: The deepest area you can ever penetrate is a woman’s heart and soul. It sometime only takes a few words, it could just be a look or appeal you have, and once you have done this, it’s endless where that woman will follow you. There is no sure shot way to a woman’s heart, even though there are some options such as food, religion, kindness, laughter, personality, or even money (for the woman who craves wealth), but when it comes something this deep, it’s left up to faith and destiny.  

No Lips Kiss
Lean in close, open your mouths slightly and touch your tongues together without touching your lips.

Blow Kiss
Give your partner a big wet kiss on their neck, back, or shoulder. Lean your head back and blow gently across the area you've just kissed to give them a cooling sensation.

Woodpecker Kisses
Ask your partner close their eyes while you give them short, quick kisses all over their face. See if you can complete your mission before you burst out laughing.
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